Dental Implant – The Best Option as Teeth Replacement

An implant dentaire is like any tooth root, a titanium post, positioned surgically beneath the gum into the jawbone. This permits the dentist to mount a bridge on that particular area or to consider a teeth replacement. An implant stays fixed and is much different from a denture that comes away loose. The dental implants benefit oral health as they need not be anchored like bridges to other teeth.

Oral care

If you are thinking of implants, there is one thing of concern and that is you must have enough bone and healthy gums to support implant. In case, it is observed that the bone strength is insufficient for an implant, there is a need to undergo a bone graft. However,  in case the upper jaw lacks bone or if the sinuses is very much close to your jaw, then there is a need to give a sinus lift.  The implants are the right option for patients wishing to replace lost teeth and are not ready to go with conventional restorations.

Dental Implants

Dentists replace missing teeth with dental implants or dentures with bridges. The dentures and bridges are false teeth sitting on the surface of the gum. However, the dental implants are inserted into the jawbone that they are irremovable. The oral surgeon or the periodontist performs a surgical procedure to process into the jaw bone prior to placing an abutment that is a titanium post and fuses the bone around the abutment after a period of three to six months. The doctors wait for the abutment to get fused into the bone, such that the implant stays uncovered. Later they attach a small post into the implant acting as artificial teeth to attach.

Generally, most people dental implants as these implants do not slip or shift as the dentures do. Precisely, dental implants is possible if you have enough and healthy jaw bone.

Implant options

Considering regular implants may go for several months and it requires a few dental appointments based on your bone strength. Certain treatments may go for many more visits, if bone-grafting is required and this is to support the posts of implant and to supply sufficient bone to hold the implant.  However, there may be other patients who do not undergo repeated dental appointments or invasive surgery and this may be because they have lost the jaws bone mass to a great extent and this is normal. In such cases, the dentists consider installing mini implants by giving local anesthesia and this is done merely in one visit and also does not involve any sutures. Above all, you get to use the new set of teeth the same day.

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