How is Watermelon Water Advantageous for Your Skin, Hair, and Health?

As the summer is approaching, your body will demand the coolest of fruits to soothe its soul. And this is where watermelon comes to the rescue. Many people aren’t aware of the benefits watermelon water bestows upon us.

Interested to know? We have listed a few below:

  1. It keeps your heart healthy

As the studies claim that having a watermelon slice or drinking watermelon water can cease the amalgamation of bad cholesterol, hence, keeping the heart diseases at bay. It is also associated with fewer fatty deposits inside the blood vessels. These properties are healthy for your heart and can be associated to citrulline which is a chemical found in the fruit. It also has a positive impact on atherosclerosis. It also eliminates the arterial stiffness in postmenopausal women.

  1. It helps in treating inflammation

Another main compound consisting in the watermelons is lycopene, which bestows us with many benefits. It has many anti-inflammatory properties. Amid the various carotenoids, lycopene is the best. As a matter of fact, the positive impact on inflammation is far better than beta carotene which is another essential carotenoid.

  1. It keeps you hydrated

Did you know that watermelon is 90 percent water?! This is probably one of the best sources of hydration. It is also much, much better than alcohol or caffeine. And as a natural source, it increases and enhances the urination without causing any stress to the kidneys.

  1. It helps in fighting cancer

The lycopene which is found in watermelons is responsible for eliminating the surge of cancer in a body. It has a pigment that makes the watermelon red from the inside and as it is a powerful antioxidant, it avoids the arrival of many cancers. A two cup serving of this miraculous fruit has 20 mgs of lycopene which combats the free radicals and shields against many types of cancer. Lycopene also exhibits many chemopreventive properties, particularly in prostate cancer cells. It also helps in treating the HPV infection or human papillomavirus infection which further leads to uterine cancer.

  1. It helps in relieving muscle soreness

If your muscles get sore after a workout, watermelon helps you in relieving. Watermelon is loaded with electrolyte and amino acid citrulline that helps in relieving the sore muscles post workout. It also helps in curing muscle fatigue. Citrulline also helps in speeding up the process of eliminating the lactic acid removal hence relieving the muscle soreness. It also helps in circulating oxygen in the blood and muscles effectively which promotes faster recovery.

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