How to Properly Pick and Freeze Blueberries So as To Maintain Its Nutrition?

Blueberries are popular as super-food. They are not just sweet and tasty but even low in calories. These small berries with bluish, purple hue are packed with antioxidants and nutrients. Studies have reported that blueberries enhance your brain functions, boost heart health, possess anti-diabetic effects and fight UI infections. This has increased demand for blueberries in the past couple of decades. It is also suggested that frozen blueberries are as nutritious as fresh.

Freezing allows to preserve nutritional value, flavor and texture of the fruit. In recent study it was revealed that the anthocyanin level in frozen blueberries did not reduce, even after 3 months. Make sure to get your supply from a reliable frozen blueberry supplier. The frozen blueberries bag should not be clumped but feel loose. As the berries are individually quick frozen, you can remove few whenever needed. People love frozen blueberries fruit shakes and smoothies. Get to know how these small powerhouses can be frozen at home

  • Picking

Plump and full blueberries having light grayish and bluish color are ripe. Even the red, purple or bluish blueberries are picked and kept at room temperature they do ripen.

  • Storing

Never place the picked blueberries in the sun but leave them in containers. The container must be kept open to avoid formation of moisture within.

  • Before freezing

If you are not washing the blueberries prior freezing then swirl them in a large sieve or colander to remove dirt particles. However, if you wash them then make sure that they get drained properly. Allow them to rest in the large sieve for half an hour.

  • Want to use fresh berries then refrigerate

Fill fresh berries in storage container or plastic bag without washing and refrigerate them. Picked blueberries will remain fresh and nutritious for a couple of weeks.

  • Want to store for winter then freeze the berries

Fill blueberries without washing in a large pan. Make a single layer and place them in the freezer. Leave them overnight. Unwashed berries freeze separately, so you can pour them easily from the containers the next day into a Ziploc bag. Make sure to use a vacuum sealer to eliminate any air trapped inside the bag.

[Both fresh and frozen blueberries must be washed and drained prior serving. With slightly apart fingers feel mushy or soft berries floating in the water and remove them.]

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