When Do You Need To Opt For Hormone Therapy?

Women go through many phases in their life, and their body changes almost every day. We grow taller, go through puberty, and then go through menopause. Our body functions are directed by hormones. Growth hormones help us to change from tiny toddlers into matured adults.

Both men and women experience the effects of sex hormones, estrogen for women and testosterone for men. However, have you ever wondered what will happen if these hormones in our body are disrupted? There will be many side effects due to hormone deficiency. Many of these side effects will affect your health.

More than men, women face a lot of health issues during hormone imbalance, especially while going through menopause. Hormone replacement therapy is believed to reduce symptoms like hot flashes, memory loss, heart diseases, breast cancer, blood clots, and osteoporosis during the menopause.

Today, HRT is one of the most recognized treatments for many health conditions.  The use of this therapy entirely depends on the symptoms and health risk factors that women going through menopause exhibit. Thus, it is suggested that you visit a doctor and get diagnosed before opting for this therapy.

Some of the common signs that you need to consider for use of hormone therapy are:

Lack of desire for sex/Low Libido: This could be an indication that there is a hormone imbalance. A severe drop in libido could result in many health disorders as well as ruin the relationship with your partner.

Mood Swings: This sign is quite difficult to diagnose, and most of the times it is not reported. Usually women look for physical symptoms and fail to consider the emotional changes. Hormones play an important role in regulating mental health. Irritability, mood swings, depression, etc are signs of hormone imbalance and they should be reported to your doctor.

Physical Symptoms: These symptoms are very easy to notice. Erectile dysfunction for men, early menopause for women including hot flushes and night sweats, as well as common symptoms such as acne, tiredness, losing weight indicate hormone problems. Some may also experience insomnia.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The hormone Therapy replaces the women’s hormones with progesterone and estrogen, which decrease as they grow older. The sufficient amount of estrogen and progesterone helps in many body functions such as maintaining healthy cholesterol, processing calcium, keep vagina healthy etc.

However, HRT is not for everyone. One must consult a reputed physician and get expert advice. Based on your medical history and current health condition, the doctor will prescribe you the right treatment.

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